Considering to become a Blickfang?
What on earth does that even mean for YOU?

Wiró offers main Blickfang packages that cover all agency services.
"Growth" is for customers who already have everything and want to scale. "Optimize" is perfect for those looking to improve or outsource processes. "Re-imagine" is ideal for customers and brands seeking a fresh approach with new branding or concepts. The hourly commitment is approximately 80 working hours max.

Wiró's Blickfang packages encompass all agency services, ensuring a comprehensive solution for your unique project. The packages vary in focus, tailoring services to meet the specific goals and needs of each customer. This flexibility allows for a perfectly customized approach, with the concrete quantity of services adapting to the project's requirements.

In the main Blickfang packages, customers benefit from ultimate freedom. They can adjust project details, tasks, and goals at any time. With all agency services at their disposal, clients enjoy exceptional flexibility and maintain control over their projects. They even have the option to pause or cancel contracts anytime, granting them unprecedented control and adaptability.

Tailored Blickfang Example 🎯
  • Blickfang "Growth" - Social Media Focus:
    30 Feed Postings, 08 Reel Postings, 30 Story Posts
    Tasks include: Copywriting, Photoshooting, Strategy Development, Community Management, and more.
  • Blickfang "Growth" - Social Media Reel/TikTok Marketing Focus:
    30 Reel Posts, 30 Video Scripts, 01 Led Videoshooting per month
    Tasks include: Copywriting, Videoshooting, Social Media Design, and Community Management.
  • Blickfang "Optimize" - Social Media and Webdesign Focus:
    16 Feed Postings 04 Reel Postings, 16 Story Posts, 01 custom-tailored responsive web design + development
    Tasks include: Copywriting, Strategy Development, Web Design, SEO Integration, and more.
  • Blickfang "Re-imagine" - Branding, Strategy & Webdesign Focus:
    03 Logo Concepts, Finalized Logo, Branding & Corporate Design, 01 custom-tailored responsive web design + development
    Tasks include: Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Packaging Design, and Web Development.
Our main eye-catching Blickfang Packages... they're huuge...
Size Matters, Even in Projects.
But no matter the size, we got the right technique for YOU!

For specific needs, we provide Blickfang "Light" contracts, with a maximum of 40 working hours. Choose from: "Light" Design for enhanced visual presence, "Light" Social Media for professional management, "Light" Copywriting for top-notch texts, or "Light" Bootcamp for intensive training. Specific focus areas for tailored support in compact contracts.

Everything you will ever need

Unlimited tasks + Unlimited revisions
Logo Design
Social media graphics
Digital Ads design
Brand Guide
Landing Page Design
Product Page Design
Email Design
Photo Editing
Custom Shopify Theme
Webflow Ecommerce
Email Development
Shopify App Branding
App Integration